The Selfless Giant – with Andy Serkis

By Andy Serkis, Paul Goodenough, Danijel Zezelj and Bernardo Brice

Of all the comics I worked on, and heard, none of them grabbed me as immediately and utterly as this. As soon as I heard Andy talking about his experiences with climbing and glaciers, the story just jumped into my head.
Paul Goodenough, writer and Rewriting Extinction founder

Why are ice-caps melting?

It’s sadly really simple. Humanity’s current way of operating is expelling far more carbon than the planet can capture. The main causes of this are:

  1. Fossil fuels: Cars, heating/air conditioning, power, businesses – this is all affecting our weather and heating up the planet
  2. Deforestation: Forests and trees are the lungs of the earth. They capture carbon and cool the planet’s temperature AND help regulate weather. Without them, we’re screwed. We HAVE to stop cutting them down
  3. Diminishing ice: Ice sheets reflect the sun’s rays back away from the earth. Without ice, the planet will heat up EVEN faster
  4. Agriculture and the meat industry: For example, the meat industry requires a LOT of agriculture to feed the animals that humanity eats. This intensive agriculture is not only incredibly harmful to the soil, but also leads to deforestation and pandemics if delivered intensively and unethically


What can the average person do?

Both very little, and a lot. It’s true to say that each of us has very little impact on the melting ice caps and global warming (which should perhaps be renamed ‘The Weather Crisis’ to make it clearer). We, as average citizens just aren’t able to affect positive change in the way we’d like. BUT, we are not powerless. We just need our voices to be heard!

If our governments were to take the climate crisis as seriously as the Covid-19 pandemic, we could turn this around, for good. We need them to understand that the climate crisis matters to us all, and that we want and need them to do what’s right before it’s too late.

Did you know, that if the government had as many complaints about the climate crisis, as they do about bins/rubbish collection, they’d have no choice but to listen?

At the moment, politicians don’t have the climate crisis top of their agenda, because there isn’t enough people calling for action. THAT is something we can affect. If we make our voices heard, as we have with free speech, LGBTQ+ rights, Black Lives Matter and all the other amazing causes we as humanity have backed, we CAN and WILL change the planet. Here’s three things you can do, right now

  1. Sign the petition calling for UK Gov to stop funding the destruction of our planet 

  2. Greenpeace are working to challenge governments and big business to change the way the world operates – support their work, share their stories

  3. Find actions and local groups around you


What is Rewriting Extinction?

We’re devoting the next 12 months of our lives to raising the money and awareness we need to stop species going extinct, and to put them back into recovery.

Our project brings together the best projects and thinking from 7 charities and a whole slew of experts from across the planet. Let this be the moment we say “NO MORE EXTINCTION” and start rebuilding their world, for all our benefits.

Please do consider donating and sharing our message to create a global voice of positivity and action. Thank you xx

Comic credits

Story developed by Andy Serkis and Paul Goodenough
Written by Paul Goodenough
Art by Danijel Zezelj
Lettering: Bernardo Brice