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BBC News feature

BBC News interview and feature Paul Goodenough, Cara Delevingne, Richard Curtis, Andy Serkis and more to discuss the launch of our charity.

Leo DiCaprio and Paul Goodenough with The Most Important Comic Book on Earth

Daily Mail: Cop26 & Leo

Founder Paul Goodenough & Leonardo DiCaprio at COP26.

Mariella Frostrup & Jane Goodall

Mariella and Jane talk about Roots & Shoots, the power of storytelling and Jane's role in Rewriting.

The Guardian feat Ricky Gervais

A feature and interview to coincide with the launch of Ricky's comic.

Paul Goodenough on the outrage + optimism podcast

Founder Paul Goodenough on the influential climate podcast Outrage and Optimism, talking about the work we do and the effect we have on climate messaging.

Green Football Weekend - Sky, BBC etc

Historic weekend as the entire premiership engages in Green Football Weekend, engaging tens of millions of fans worldwide.

ITV News and our Swift Brick campaign

ITV follows our story of our petition, visit to Number 10 Downing St, and then onto UK parliament to create a new law to save Swifs.

Piers Morgan and our naked friend!

Hannah Bourne-Taylor gets interviewed on Piers Morgan Uncensored for our joint campaign to save birds from extinction.

The Sunday Times: Book of the Year

The Most Important Comic Book on Earth listed amongst the best books of 2021

Sky News: Nyombi Morris & Archana Soreng

Times activist of the year, Nyombi Morris and UN Youth Ambassador, Archana Soreng speak to Sky News about COP27.

Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Richard Curtis

Virgin Radio: Chris Evans & RIchard Curtis

Comedy legends Chris Evans and Richard Curtis discuss the launch of our book, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth.

Number 10 Downing St

Paul, Hannah and the RSPB descend on Parliament to change the UK law on Swift Bricks.

Evening Standard: Naked March

The Evening Standard builds up to Hannah Bourne-Taylors body-painted march through London.

Fox News feature on Rewriting Extinction

Fox News

News anchor Jay Towers interviews writers, editors and creators Paul Goodenough and Sarah Florence Lord.

Rob Rinder TalkRadio Drivetime

talkRADIO with Rob Rinder

Rob talks to founder Paul Goodenough about COP26, the book launch and the ways in which the average person can help avert environmental disaster.

The Evening Standard - The Leader

The Leader/Evening Standard w Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis and Paul Goodenough talk to The Leader about disappearing ice sheets, glaciers and their heartbreaking comic, THE SELFLESS GIANT.

BBC Newscast with Richard Curtis and Paul Goodenough and Rewriting Extinction

Newscast with richard curtis & paul goodenough

Paul and Richard talk to Adam about us, the Most Important Comic Book on Earth and the power of your money in saving the planet.

Forest Green Rovers give LED advertising to Rewriting Extinction

Forest Green Rovers - LED Takeover

FGR and Dale Vince give us the incredible opportunity to take over their LED advertising for their live Sky game with Swindon Town FC.

BBC Leonardo DiCaprio and Paul Goodenough and The Most Important Comic Book on Earth at COP26

BBC: COP26 & Leo

Founder Paul Goodenough & Leonardo DiCaprio at COP26 showing off The Most Important Comic Book on Earth at Goals House.

NowThis interview with Paul Goodenough

Nowthis: The best of cop26

Rewriting Extinction and our book, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth was highlighted as the 4th best thing from COP26.

Atlas of the Future with Rewriting Extinction

Atlas of the Future

Interview with Paul Goodenough about putting the fun back into environmental storytelling.

STV interview Paul Goodenough

STV interview at COP26

STV's Louise Scott interviews founder Paul Goodenough about the power of storytelling and reaching new audiences at COP26.

BBC Climate Festival with Dinos & Comics, Cheddar Gorgeous and Paul Goodenough

Live comics! BBC, Dinos & Comics and Cheddar Gorgeous

We made a live comic in 15 minutes with BBC Climate Creatives Festival to show the power of climate storytellers. The comic went on to get millions of views.

The Daily Express - Dame Judi Dench Sir Patrick Stewart and Rewriting Extinction

Daily Express: judi dench, ian mckellen, patrick stewart and more

A feature in the Daily Express featuring Dame Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart's role with us.

Waitrose Weekend, Paul McCartney, Lunarnbaboon, Meat Free Monday

waitrose weekend: Meat Free Monday, Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney's comic

We talked to Waitrose Weekend to celebrate the launch of MFM's comic.

Al Jazeera and the most important young activist on earth

Article highlighting the role of young people in fight climate collapse, highlighting The Most Important Comic Book on Earth and Aditya Mukarji.

Deloitte Climage Change Book Recommendations

Deloitte highlight the most important comic book on earth

As part of their recommended reading on climate change, our anthology was highlighted.

Bored Panda Jenny Jinya and Rewriting Extinction

Bored Panda: Jenny Jinya, Paul Goodenough and more

The amazing crew at Bored Panda helped us launch our Mama Bear comic with Jenny Jinya, Paul Goodenough and World Animal Protection.

Paul goodenough discusses ReWriting extinction with animation magazine

Interview with Paul Goodenough, discussing the work we do, why we do it and moments that make it all worth it.


DN (Interview in Norwegian)

Ingvild talks to Paul at COP26 about the power of visual storytelling, and The Most Important Comic Book on Earth.

BBC Drivetime with John Beattie

BBC Drivetime with John beattie

John talks to Paul about The Most Important Comic Book on Earth.

Greenhouse - Paul Goodenough awarded Game Changer of the month

Paul Goodenough given Greenhouse Gamechanger Award

In the interview, Paul talks about our mission and the power of reaching new audiences for environmental breakdown.

Judge Dredd the Megazine and Paul Goodenough

Judge Dredd the megazine, shift, tripwire and more

We've also been featured in any number of comic focused mediums and magazines, including industry leaders like Judge Dredd and Bleeding Cool.