Melody: A comic about saving the world

By Cara Delevingne, Eco Resolution, Kieron Gillen and Sean Phillips

“Through storytelling, community building and action we rewrite the cultural narratives driving extinction.”
Cara Delevingne

“And that’s how we saved the world.”

Everyone cares about the planet. Even those who we think seem set to destroy it. No one is the baddie in their own story. But sometimes we need to step back a little, shift perspective and understand how the effects of our actions (both good and bad!) ripple out across the web of life.

Melody is a truly beautiful story, written by Kieron Gillen and developed on a call (and a whole bunch of audio messages!) with Cara Delevingne, Christabel Reed of EcoResolution and Rewriting Extinction founder, Paul Goodenough; and beautifully painted by Sean Phillips.

Have you noticed how many creatures there are around you? Is it the same as when you were a child?! Sadly not. Species are disappearing before our eyes and politicians are apathetic, however collective change IS happening and people CAN create thriving, nature-centered futures.

As humans, we are starting to look up from our phones, to see the world around us – and Melody is a celebration of that moment – that moment when we truly see the world. When we truly understand what we have to do.

If it hasn’t happened for you yet, it will do. Connect to and nurture the special gifts you have to offer your community, both human and more-than-human.

With love

Cara, Christabel, Kieron and Sean. xxx

“There’s not really words which fit in a quote. It’s an honour to be asked to be involved. This stuff is, to understate it as much as one can understate anything, important.”

Kieron Gillen, writer


How you can help

We’re devoting the next 12 months of our lives to raising the money and awareness we need to stop species going extinct, and to put them back into recovery.

Our project brings together the best projects and thinking from 7 charities and a whole slew of experts from across the planet. Let this be the moment we say “NO MORE EXTINCTION” and start rebuilding their world, for all our benefits.

Please do consider donating and sharing our message to create a global voice of positivity and action. Thank you xx

Comic credits

Story developed with Cara Delevingne and Christabel Reed of EcoResolution
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Sean Phillips
Editor: Paul Goodenough